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Motorhome Seats are the sole official distrubitor for Summit Seating products in Australia.

Don't sacrifice comfort for practicality, have both with Motorhomeseats.

While motorhomes are ideal for getting out and about, you are still faced with one main issue: space. The space inside your recreational vehicle is limited and forces you to seek the most efficient way to use it. Motorhomeseats understands this crucial aspect of all motorhome designs and we offer our low priced products to aid in maximising your comfort and space.



Motorhome Seats and Accesories.


Whether you're in search of lounges, sofas, captain's chairs and RV chairs, you'll find them here. All of our sofas are capable of converting into beds, decreasing the amount of furniture needed and maximising the space you can potentially use. If that isn't enough,  our inventory includes purpose built motorhome seats, bus seats and “wall-huggers” to keep your behind comfortable.
A majority of the selection include removable arm-rests.

Wall-huggers (a unique lounge) are ingeniously designed to sit approximately 1-inch or 25mm from a wall. When lifted, the lounge mechanism shifts the seating area forward and transforms into a bed – all without moving closer to the wall!


The consoles are supplied in a range of different colours (e.g. brown and cream, to name a few), with three sizes depending on the structure of the vehicle – coaches and buses will require larger sizes compared to the smaller motorhomes. They allow you extra storage space for items like maps, books and other travel gear.


One clear example of a dramatic increase in spacial efficiency lies in the application of turntables. The installation of turntables under the driver's seat (or passenger) enables the chair to swivel – allowing a further two seats (if the passenger seat is adjusted) to operate as regular furniture. All turntables and seat belts are fitted with custom safety regulatory equipment that is guaranteed to keep the RV's occupants safe.

So feel free to browse our wide selection of items and be amazed at the space maximising possibilities! furniture consoles motorhome turntables


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